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Newton Learning Academy

A future-oriented academy for kids

Our Courses

Our courses are designed for children aged 6 -16


Learning entrepreneurship at a young age not only teaches children how to run a business but also helps follow their passion while boosting perseverance.


Children love playing games, and they love coding them even more! Our course covers various fields including developing mobile apps, building electronic circuit, and designing 3d applications.

Space Research Program

What does it truly mean to be an astronaut? Our course is designed to help your children answer that and much more! While we teach STEM principles, leadership, and teamwork we also ensure our program remains fun and memorable!

About us

Industry Revolution 4.0 skills are being developed exclusively by Newton Learning Academy for the upcoming generation! We are here to help your children be in the frontline to become the best. Our major field of education are Entrepreneurship, Coding, Speed Calculation, and Space Research Program. We encourage curiosity and creativity through interactive virtual classes while having hands-on experience in remote learning.

Industry 4.0


Click here for our Coding program

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